Stuart Cove Snorkel Tour in Nassau

On the Stuart Cove Snorkel Tour in Nassau, known as the “World's Most Exciting Snorkel Trip” our dedicated snorkel boats will take you to a combination of Nassau’s famous reefs, Hollywood sites, or shipwrecks teaming with marine life. Then, if the weather permits and your fellow passengers have the nerve – we visit sharks! Book Now!


Excursion Photos:

Excursion Description:

The Stuart Cove Snorkel Tour in Nassau takes you to an undersea extravaganza of living coral and tropical marine life. In just minutes you will be swimming with schools of colorful fish in the shallows of Nassau’s famous reefs, Hollywood movie sets, or mysterious sunken shipwrecks.

Each trip takes advantage of multiple and diverse underwater sites. You captain will choose two of the clearest and calmest locations to begin your snorkeling adventure. Then if the weather permits and your fellow passengers have the nerve – it’s off to snorkel with one of the most magnificent and misunderstood creatures of the sea – sharks! Sharks are one of the most
fascinating marine animals you will ever see.

Snorkel with your guide as the sharks swim calmly below you, or if you prefer, watch from the boat.


Where to go:

  • Stuart’s Cove
  • Southwest Bay Street
  • Nassau
  • Bahamas

Important! Further check-in details and location will be provided once you have booked the tour!

Stuart Cove Snorkel Tour & Excursion in Nassau


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