Sub Bahamas Tour in Nassau

On the Sub Bahamas Tour in Nassau, join the fun crowd of thrill seeking SUB aquanauts for an undersea experience you’ll be telling all your friends about. You don’t need any scuba or snorkeling experience and it’s easy, safe and really fun. The seahorse shaped submarine propels you at a depth of 15’ around a coral reef and alongside colorful fish at a speedy two knots. Book Now!


Excursion Photos:

Excursion Description:

Sub Bahamas Tour experience in Nassau begins with a submarine orientation by our professional SUB guide. During the briefing you will learn basic piloting skills and simple operating and communication procedures.

Following your orientation, you will board our comfortable custom-built 55’ support vessel that will take you to one of Nassau’s famous reefs.

Throughout your submarine adventure, a team of professional SUB guides will supervise and escort you and your friends around a spectacular coral reef feeding the fish along the way and stopping to show participants marine life.

Zooming effortlessly around the coral gardens on your personal submarine will give you the unique opportunity to interact with colorful tropical fish and living coral.

Custom videos of your submarine experience will be available for purchase after your undersea excursion.

To be an undersea pilot you must be at least 12 years old and in good physical health.


Where to go:

  • Stuart’s Cove
  • Southwest Bay Street
  • Nassau
  • Bahamas

Important! Further check-in details and location will be provided once you have booked the tour!

Sub Bahamas Tour & Excursion in Nassau


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